Hurricane Matthew Recovery

Please refer to the following link for the most up-to-date information on North Carolina disaster recovery: 
Hurricane Matthew survivors whose homes were damaged by the storm can apply for additional financial help starting Nov. 30th!
The help with housing repairs, homeowner reimbursement, rental assistance and other housing-related needs is made possible by approximately $23.5 million Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR), awarded to Edgecombe County. The Edgecombe County Application Center will open beginning November 30.
Homeowners can apply for the following types of assistance: single-family homeowner repair, single family homeowner reconstruction, reimbursement for housing repair and homeowner buyout. Mobile homeowners are eligible to apply for programs that will repair or replace impacted homes.

Landlords with eight or fewer units can apply for assistance in the small rental program, while storm impacted renters are eligible to apply for temporary rental assistance. The state is also offering a homeowner assistance program and a multi-family rental assistance program. Program description details are available online at

To apply, you must schedule an appointment to complete an application. Call (252) 665-8008 to make an appointment.

For individual needs, contact the Edgecombe County Department of Social Services at 252-641-7611.  

For questions about building inspections, contact the Town of Tarboro building inspections at 252-641-4236.