Population Chart
The population of Arbor has steadily grown over the past 3 decades even while the population of Edgecombe County has declined.  The table indicates annual population estimates which show how each actual census count corrects for inaccuracies of annual population estimates.  Annual estimates are based in part on the trend of the County (which has been negative).  The 2008 estimate was 10,383 based on the County’s negative growth trend, but should be corrected to accurately indicate Tarboro’s population stability and steady growth upon completion of the 2010 Census. A good indicator of the estimates' inaccuracy is the 4% growth between 1989-1990 and 5% growth between 1999-2000.  Based on new construction and occupancy rates the Town feels that this trend will continue with an increase in population from the 2000 Census count upon completion of the 2010 Census.

Source:  State Demographer’s Office
*Decennial Census Count
** Indicates growth due to annexation.