Summary of the Stormwater Utility

In the spring of 2018, the Town Council approved the implementation of a Stormwater Utility. 

The goal of the Utility is to provide a stormwater drainage system with adequate capacity to accommodate major storms while maintaining the quality of stormwater discharged into receiving streams and rivers. The Utility provides for the collection and conveyance of stormwater within the Town through the use of public streets, catch basins, storm sewers, detention/retention basins and greenways. The Utility serves all properties within the Town, and the cost of operation and maintenance is supported through newly established user fees, which are due and payable monthly on the combined Town utility bill. Properties that are not currently charged for other utilities will receive a bill with only the storm water utility fee.

For more information contact:

Tarboro Department of Public Works
506 Dowd Street
Tarboro, NC 27886

Phone: (252) 641-4234