Attached to the Patrol Division, the K9 Unit currently employs five dual-purpose canines. As such, they are trained and capable of performing a variety of patrol support functions, such as scent tracking, suspect apprehension, building searches, and evidence recovery. In addition, they are trained to conduct narcotic searches for all illegal materials.The five teams within the unit include Lieutenant Mike Trevathan and K9 Titan (Unit K9 Instructor), Sergeant Lee Bailey and K9 Zeus, Corporal Brandon Smith and K9 Thor, Corporal Payton Owens and K9 Spartan, and Patrolman Darrin Harrell and K9 Apollo. Titan, Zeus, and Spartan are German Shepherds  while Thor and Apollo are Belgian Malinois. During normal operations all teams seek certifications through the International Police Work Dog Association as well as the United States Police Canine Association.