Recognized as the largest and most visible component of our agency, the Tarboro Police Department's Patrol Division consists of 22 sworn uniformed personnel. Operations within the Patrol Division are directly supervised by two Uniformed Patrol Lieutenants who oversee two squads each. These Lieutenants have the authority to redirect resources as needed to maximize efficiency and help control crime. Each of the four squads are supervised by a Patrol Sergeant who is responsible for supervising the activities of their assigned shift. Subordinate to the Patrol Sergeant is a Patrol Corporal, as well as three patrol officers. The K9 Unit, Drone Program, and Gang Investigator are attached to these squads also. The primary responsibilities of the Patrol Division include but are not limited to responding to calls for service, high visibility patrols, collision investigations and traffic enforcement, and crime control. The Commander of the Patrol Division is Captain Michael Trevathan.