Tarboro is an outdoor enthusiast's dream!
Spend a carefree afternoon paddling the Tar, cycle down our idyllic country roads, or take in the views from our town common. No matter what you're looking for, Tarboro's got it! Scroll down to make the most of your time around town. Adventure awaits...

Cycling Routes
Tarboro is surrounded by serene farmland and laced with nearly-empty country roads. Feel your worries melt away as the miles go on. Just breathe. Our flat landscape allows for spectacular long-distance rides, so come on over! Whether you're training for the next big race or just out for a peaceful ride, cycle over to Tarboro and find North Carolina's hidden gem for cycling!

Fishing Opportunities
Nothing beats casting a line out on the Tar! You'll catch bass, crappie, perch, and much more. The river loops around Tarboro on three sides, so it's never hard to find. One of our best and most popular fishing spots is Riverfront Park, located just steps from downtown. Feel free to get out on the river from our boat ramp, located at the same spot.

Indian Lake Park & Sports Complex
Miles of hiking trails wind through this park, following the shores of Indian Lake. Our signature park also hosts camping facilities and an outdoor stage, making it a great spot to get outdoors. Looking to get competitive? Indian Lake Park is ideal for tournament play, with a baseball field, four softball fields, and two soccer fields! For more information reach out to Wayne Bryant at 252-641-4277 or by email at waynebryant@tarboro-nc.com. Find the sports complex's complete rules and guidelines here.

Tar River Paddle Trail
Ready to get your feet wet? We're happy to oblige! The Tar River has made a name for itself as a paddling destination due to its lovely scenery and ideal conditions. The town has a boat ramp located at Riverfront Park that's the perfect spot to start out at! For an overview of the Tar River Trail, click here. For specific details and mileage, go to the Tar River Paddle Trail brochure and scroll down.

Town Common

Established in 1760, Tarboro's 15-acre town common is the second-oldest remaining one in the United States, after Boston's. Though times have changed, the common remains as beautiful as ever! Stroll around it and admire the homes in the surrounding historic district. Better yet, spend time on the common itself! You'll love reading a good book, enjoying our annual symphony performances, or eating dinner under the common's sweeping oaks.