Trash & Recycling Pickup
Tarboro has four separate trash pickup routes. Check the maps below to see which route you're on:
Route 1 - Trash: Tuesday & Friday, Recycling: Friday, Yard Waste: Wednesday
Route 2 - Trash: Monday & Thursday, Recycling: Thursday, Yard Waste: Wednesday
Route 3 - Trash: Monday & Thursday, Recycling: Thursday, Yard Waste: Wednesday
Route 4 - Trash: Tuesday & Friday, Recycling: Friday, Yard Waste: Wednesday

The brown rollout trash container, the red recycling container, and the green yard waste container must be placed curbside by 7:00am in order to ensure pickup. Please place trash in plastic bags before dumping it in the brown container.

Reminder: all trash, recycling, and yard waste containers must be pulled from the curb after collection.

Accepted Items for Recycling
Recyclable items include category 1 and 2 plastic containers (look for the number on the container's bottom), brown/green/clear glass, corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans (no aluminum foil or pie pans), newspapers, and old telephone books. Motor oil should be put in gallon jugs with screw-on lids.

Accepted Items for Yard Waste
Yard waste can include leaves, pinestraw, small trees, or grass clippings. It must be free from broken glass or other sharp objects. All yard waste must either be placed into the green yard waste container or bundled up in loads that can be handled by one collector. Tree limbs may be cut in 4-foot lengths and stacked with the blunt ends placed adjacent to and behind the curb or in front of ditches. Large piles of yard waste will be picked up on the designated day for your area. Call 252-641-4235 for your scheduled day.

Town of Tarboro Animal Shelter

Address: 2001 E. Baker Street
Phone: 252-641-4271
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-10am and 2pm-3:30pm (subject to change depending on emergency calls). 

Scammers Targeting Utility Customers 
Scammers are threatening customers with service disconnection unless immediate payment is received by money order or prepaid card. Some scammers are even using legitimate names of city employees when they call. If you receive a call, do not listen to the scammer's instructions. PLEASE HANG UP IMMEDIATELY and contact town hall at 252-641-4200 or the police department at 252-641-4247. Do not share any personal information with these scammers and do not return any phone calls. The town never calls any customer demanding payment over the telephone.

CodeRED Emergency Telephone Calling System
Sign up for this emergency alert system and you'll be notified within minutes of an emergency's occurrence. Click here to enroll your cell phone in this potentially lifesaving program!

Electronic Recycling Program
The town collects TVs, computers, and computer equipment on Wednesdays. They must be kept behind the curb and not in the yard waste container. If you have any questions, call 252-641-4235.

Animal Spay & Neuter Program
Tarboro is offering assistance to low-income families to spay and neuter dogs and cats around town. Please call 252-641-4234 to receive the required form to participate in the program.

Smoke Alarm Installation

The Tarboro Fire Department has teamed up with the State Fire Marshal to install fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors for town residents. If you would like help with installation, call 252-641-4288 between 7:00am and 7:00pm.

Managing Fire Ants in Your Yard
Having trouble controlling a fire ant population? Click here for ways to fight back!