Tarboro residents pay both town and county property taxes. The town's current rate is 41 cents per each $100 of assessed value.
Property taxes are levied annually against all property, business equipment, and motor vehicles. These taxes run according to the calendar year (January 1st-December 31st). Property taxes are due on September 1st and become delinquent after January 5th.

To pay town property taxes:
  • Mail payments to the Collector of Revenue (500 N. Main Street), or
  • Pay in-person at town hall (500 N. Main Street)

When making your payment, please send the bottom portion of your tax bill or write your account number on the check.

Have any questions? Call the Town of Tarboro Collector of Revenue at 252-641-4221. Questions regarding Edgecombe County taxes should go to the County Tax Administration Office at 252-641-7855.

Property Owners with Mortgages
Many homeowners with mortgages have funds held in escrow to pay property taxes. The mortgage company usually pays the tax bill directly to the town, but errors happen. If the mortgage company changes, notify the town's Collector of Revenlue at 252-641-4221. If the tax bill isn't paid, the property owner will be penalized.